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The secret behind Yin yoga

At first I had no idea what Yin-yoga was. I simply did not get that the primary objective was to relax and instead – literally – bent over backwards to match the teacher. Pulled my hamstrings. Still, there was something fascinating about the first experience, so after my hamstrings had healed, I went back. Little by little, I started slowing down, got into taking the asanas whilst carefully listening to my body and as a result, began feeling the wonderful effect of Yin. My body felt light, my mind was calm and the headaches were gone. I have not had a single migraine episode after getting into regular yin-yoga practice! Today I’m sold and tend to warn own class about the high risk of getting addicted!








Yin yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga. Unlike other styles, Yin-yoga does not activate muscles but applies moderate stress to the connective tissues. Since it is good to maintain balance between the Yin & Yang in our body, regular Yin-yoga becomes particularly important, if you’re also into dynamic yoga or other sports requiring intensive muscle work. In Yin-yoga, poses are held for longer periods of time – several minutes – with relaxed muscles. This will stretch the connective tissues and improve the health of joints and the skeletal system.


You can still practice Yin-yoga with mild flue (not with temperature). Yin-yoga can get the energies moving and by doing so make you feel better. No warm-ups are required before Yin-yoga, as the connective tissues stretch best with cold muscles. The only recommendation is to avoid hearty meals before exercising.


Connective tissue is tough and shrinks with age. With Yin-yoga, you extend and flex your connective tissues, thereby maintaining your mobility that can reduce with age. Yin-yoga opens up blockages in energy meridians and is therefore suitable also for older people. The slow pace of Yin-yoga and its long asanas create a relaxing sensation of being present. Holding asanas for longer periods brings patience and calms the mind.

 Hope you all have a great day and feel free to email me for questions regarding yin yoga and other asanas you might struggle with!


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